The Psycho Story

Formed by Mark De Vattimo (ex Voyager and winner of the ‘WF Metal Awards Best Guitarist’ 2007 & 2009 and ‘WAMi Best Guitarist Nominee’ 2005.) in Perth, Australia circa 1997.

The band is stripped back to a trio following the departure of guitarist Mike Kaval in 2015.

Mark De Vattimo – guitar/lead vocals
Simon Hallett – bass
Louis Rando – drums

Psychonaut cites influences such as Mercyful Fate, Loudness, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, KISS W.A.S.P. & Slayer. The band has a classic metal & rock sound with lyrical themes such as Star Wars, Hammer Horror and Sci Fi.

Psychonaut has supported Death Angel, Exodus, Finntroll, Frankenbok, Lord, Armored Saint, Blaze Bayley, Paul DiAnno, Ace Frehley and Hellyeah.

A debut album ‘Masters Of Procrastination’ was recorded during late 2003 and released during early 2004.The album can be heard as the best parts of A-Z of a traditional headbanger’s album collection.

2012 brought ‘Shock ’Em Dead!’ and revealed the band’s 14 new tracks of power-speed-thrash-death-rock-metal. Songs such as ‘The Tooth Of Dracula’, ‘False Metal’, ‘The Humungus’ and ‘Darklord Rise!’ and ‘Thrash Metal Zombies’ reveal that already classic Psychonaut heavy metal sound with a modern twist. A fitting sequel to an already successful debut album.

As of January 2016 writing had begun on the third installment of the Psychonaut discography. Some working song titles include ‘TrollHunter’, ‘Fuck The Fans’, ‘Iommi World’.



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